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Newbie Mom

The first-time mom’s one-stop corner for all things motherhood

Nonstop and Uncontrollable—Your Baby Is Suffering from Colic

Colic is quite common, particularly in infants who are between two and four weeks old. ... read more

Basics of Potty Training

Do you think your child is ready for a full toilet training?... read more


Your weekly dose of delightful anecdotes and trending stories on motherhood and parent-child bloopers

I Love You, Mom. Just Please DO NOT Post These on Facebook

The Most Annoying Facebook Posts that Moms Should Stop Doing We all love our moms, and while we love read more... read more

10 Insanely Hilarious Texts that Prove Moms Can be Supervillains

Laugh aloud at these hilarious text exchanges—from funny, awkward, to simply brutal!... read more

Mom Hacks

Our bevy of pro-tips that make motherhood easy-breezy

Father’s Day Activities that Are 100% Daddy-Centric

This Father’s Day, take the time to show dear dad how much you love him. You do not need read more... read more

To Parents of Disrespectful Kids: How to React and Respond Positively

It is never okay to be a bad-mannered child, but how can a millennial parent deal with a disrespectful read more... read more

Active Mom

Healthy food, travel ideas, fitness activities—stress-free pursuits for moms-on-the-go

Mother’s Day Gift Guide for Your Precious Supermom

The best gift, perhaps, is a day of rest from all the juvenile whining or teenage pouting. But giving read more... read more

Take a Break, Relish on Chicken Soup: Heartfelt Motherhood Stories to Brighten Your Day

Here are three motherhood stories that tell about unconditional love, fear of losing a child, miracles—all teaching kids the read more... read more
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