Motherhood is a subject that is both difficult and overwhelming to write about. The essence of being a mother is nearly endless, considering the multiple hats that she wears. The responsibilities of a mother include being a friend, disciplinarian, and teacher, are all rolled into one individual. How can someone perform the never-ending roles of a mother without expecting anything Read More

family activities
Family Activities to Try All-Year-Round

Family Outdoor Activities to Strengthen Family Bond Finding time to spend with the family is hard, especially considering the fact that most families nowadays have both parents working. Yet, each member of the family should make an effort to be able to spend quality time with each other, and not just for dinner. Studies suggest that children who have good Read More

breastfeeding tips
Breastfeeding Tips for New Moms

The first few attempts at breastfeeding are the most challenging, that’s why a lot of mothers give up eventually and settle for bottle-feeding. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, around 79% of women nurse their babies soon after childbirth, but only 49% continues breastfeeding after six months and onwards. This is a sad truth especially that mother’s Read More

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Parental Involvement and the Effect It Has on Student Achievement

How Parental Involvement Helps Students Do Better at School What is Parental Involvement?   Parental involvement is the active participation and constant parental support of parents in their children’s education. Parents can participate through attending PTA meetings, helping with their child’s homework, volunteering in school events, or setting up a learning-friendly home. Parental involvement ideas also include setting high standards Read More

Dealing with Terrible Twos Tantrums

Every parent has had to deal with terrible twos at some point of their life. Perhaps we can say that two-year-old tantrum behavior problems are only natural as a child grows. There is no better way than to say that it can be difficult to handle children of two years old, and it does require some adjustment. Dealing with tantrums Read More

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