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Do you participate in book memes?  Most of us do, some regularly and others once in a while.  I have participated in a handful on and off since I started blogging, but honestly, I didn’t know how I really felt about them.  When reading feeds, I would often skip over most of them.  I like shorter posts with pictures (yes I know, I am 4), and some of the memes resulted in longer posts or mostly text.  Then, earlier this year I saw the Stacking the Shelves meme.  This meme was everything I loved about book blogging: pictures of covers of books!  So I started reading the posts, and eventually did a few of my own.  This one meme really changed my thoughts on the rest of them.

Fast forward to July.  I don’t know if I was looking for them or just started noticing them, but I found a bunch of new to me memes.  There is literally something for everyday of the week.  So I started trying them out.  I did It’s Monday, What are you ReadingFriday Finds, Shelf Candy Saturday, and a few more.  I had so much fun.  I tailored the posts to fit “me”.  I found some awesome new blogs to follow and a few more interesting memes.

I still worry about doing “too many memes” and not enough reviews.  But I am just seeing which ones are a good fit for me.  Should I pick two or three a week and stick with them?  Or, should a choose a few different ones each week?crazymeme

In honor of me not knowing exactly what I am doing, I have decided to do a personal meme challenge.  This week, starting today and ending Sunday, I will try to participate in as many memes as I can.  I will still post reviews, but my goal is to do at least one meme a day, maybe more.  I have a list that I am following, but if you have any favorites, comment below and let me know.  If you think I’m crazy, you can comment below too!  Wish me luck!

Be sure to head over to Should Be Reading and add you musing to the comments.

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5 thoughts on “Musing Mondays: Bookish Memes

  1. I worry about this too! I look forward to your posts this week, maybe it will give me some clarity!

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  3. Musing Monday is my only bookish meme.
    then I do wordless wed., which is photos
    and Weekend Cooking, which is food
    and then will in with reviews. I have settled on this after awhile and am happy with it..for now

  4. Anonymous

    I like Stacking the Shelves too. I do that Musing Mondays, Teaser Tuesday, and Book Beginning on Friday, I don’t do all every week but enjoy the ones I do. Here is my muse: MM

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