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Motherhood is one steep learning curve. One minute you’re struggling with a huge baby bump, the next thing you know, you are swaddling, changing nappies, and learning the art of latching all in just one go. You get very few hours of sleep at night, and the exhaustion during the first few months after labor can make everything seem foggy and unreal.

But at the end of the day, when you are too exhausted to even move your leg, an innocent smile and the tiny fists grabbing onto your shirt can make every inch of tired muscle in your body all worth the while. Then, you realize that you can actually just spend all day lying beside your baby, staring at that angelic face, and stroking those tiny hands.

Yes, motherhood can all do that to you.

Here at Momwithabook, we offer young millennial moms a daily dose of helpful advice, infant care, quirky parenting stories, and comedic takes on what it’s really like to raise your mini-me.

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mother and her baby girl


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