know how to publish a parenting book

Secrets to a Healthy Family Life for Mommies

know how to publish a parenting book

Things to Consider in Attaining and Sustaining a Healthy Family Life


healthy family life


A healthy family life can be attained by keeping balance among the three aspects: physical, social, and psycho-emotional.


Healthy lifestyle starts at home—where children are nurtured and molded by their parents within a bounded environment.

The road to a healthy lifestyle begins with the food that the mother serves on the table. A balanced meal meets the nutritional value required in a growing child, a working husband, and a devoted mother.

Family activities that require physical movement and energy are as important in bringing wellness in the family. Household chores are light exercises that help each family member sweat off, and at the same time, keep the environment clean.

Other fun family-bonding activities are bicycling, camping, running, or walking in a park together.


Healthy family life is not limited to diet and exercise. The amount of time spent in communication and interaction in the family plays a significant role in building a healthy family relationship. The more open and interactive the members are with each other, the closer they become, thus, the stronger their bond.

The development of this aspect greatly affects the psycho-emotional facet of a family.


A healthy family allots time to talk about important matters at home. Family discussions act as an opportunity to openly examine concerns relating to puberty, adulthood, schooling, addictions or other delinquent activities, and national and international issues.

Constant counseling allows each member to voice out his/her opinions about an issue and make clarifications on the disciplinary actions if a member commits an offense.

Through this, members do not only communicate issues but also seek out pieces of advice and words of encouragement whenever they feel down or bothered. Therefore, mutual respect is established.

No family is perfect. No relationship is perfect. But it is never too late to learn how to build a strong family. It is the determination to attain and sustain a healthy family life that matters most.

Now, look back and assess what your family has been through. Take note of the aspects that need attention and development. Incorporate practical measures in your plan. Share your ideas to your husband and your children. Ask for suggestions. In a matter of time, these changes will improve your family life.

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