know how to publish a parenting book

Take a Break, Relish on Chicken Soup: Heartfelt Motherhood Stories to Brighten Your Day

know how to publish a parenting book

Chicken Soup for the Soul brings you inspiration, hope, and happiness with its compilation of true stories.

Here are three motherhood stories that tell about unconditional love, fear of losing a child, miracles—all teaching kids the value of kindness, compassion, and forgiveness.

Not Just on Mother’s Day

I do not need gifts on Mother’s Day. I have the gift I want and need. It is the gift of motherhood. It cannot be purchased in department stores or stacked in shelves. It cannot be created in a factory. Nor can it be limited to one day. Motherhood is every day. And every mother knows it. [Read More]

The writer recounts her memories with her mom when she was still alive. She lost her mom when she was twenty-six years old and had had a hard time moving on from the loss. As a young mother herself, she thought how wonderful it would be to have a mom she can talk to when things get overwhelming.

Unconditional Mom

I waited so long for you, please don’t push me away. I want to help you!” My mom pleaded.

I would reply with the best face of stone, “I didn’t ask for you! I never wanted you to care about me! Leave me alone and forget I ever lived! [Read More]

This is a story of a woman who admitted to have pushed away the closest people in her life—everyone including her mother.

She recalled the struggle her mother endured, and realized how painful must it have been for her mother to give birth at the age of thirty-eight.


stories about compassion and kindness


The Ring

I opened the large coffee-table cookbook and turned to the pancake recipe. At once, something at the bottom of the page caught my eye… It sparkled! I gasped in utter amazement! There, pressed into the pages of this book, was my diamond ring! [Read More]

On the first-year anniversary of the writer’s mother’s passing, she found herself preparing her favorite dishes. She then realized that she was trying to reconnect with her dead mother through food. She recounted her mother preparing his favorite meals and remembered the ring she had lost, and how her mom would have had looked for it, only if she was still alive.

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