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Mother’s Day Gift Guide for Your Precious Supermom

know how to publish a parenting book

Ah, Mother’s Day! That one day of the year when moms wake up to the smell of breakfast in bed and equally warm hugs from their kids.

The best gift, perhaps, is a day of rest from all the juvenile whining or teenage pouting. But giving your fellow wonderful moms some amazing gifts in this Mother’s Day gift guide is not a bad thing either.

mother's day gift guide

Below are the different types of magical moms with the corresponding Mother’s Day gift suggestions.

For the Goddess of Healthy Living

mother's day gift guide - healthy living

Aside from paying for your mom’s personal gym trainer, she’ll surely appreciate these gifts:

  • Fitness tracker
  • Workout outfit
  • Gym bag
  • Spa gift certificates


For the Techie Fairy

mother's day gift guide - techie fairy

Your hip mom who is always updated with the current technological trends will love these items:

  • A wireless set of speakers
  • A brand-new iPad
  • An e-book
  • A portable device charger


For the Foodie Angel

mother's day gift guide - foodie angel

Surprise your mom by waking her up with the smell of your hearty homemade breakfast, or you can try the following gift ideas:

  • A lovely dinner to a fancy restaurant
  • A customized shopping bag
  • A “Best Mom in Earth and in Naboo” mug
  • The latest bestseller cookbook


For the Muse of Literature

mother's day gift guide - muse of literature

What’s the best gift to moms who love to read? The Disciplined Child by Margaret Rousseau is particularly useful.

To accompany this book, you may want to give her these:

  • A trusty book light
  • A DIY bookmark with her favorite literary quote
  • A teacup saucer


For the Green-Thumb Nymph

mother's day gift guide - green thumb nymph

Gardening can be such a cathartic activity, especially in alleviating stress. If you have mom friends who are into gardening, you can give them these gifts:

  • Her favorite flower pot
  • A new gardening kit
  • A funky hat for the outdoors
  • Customized gardening boots

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