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Moms Speak! Family Jokes and Parenting Confessions of Moms Who Made It to the Fourth Child

Funny family jokes on having the first baby and having the fourth one.

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Family Relationship Quotes to Live By

Check out these inspiring quotes about family that will make you love them even more.

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10 Insanely Hilarious Texts that Prove Moms Can be Supervillains

Moms are amazing! They are like superheroes who save the day when everything seems wrong, but they can be the meanest supervillains at the same time. Laugh aloud at these hilarious text exchanges—from funny, awkward, to simply brutal! Apply cold water to the burnt area. We are so glad she didn’t know of ROTFL. It [read more]

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Hilarious Parenting Photos That Prove Parents Can Be Incredibly Funny

Here’s a list of some of the funny and hilarious parenting photos shared.

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