know how to publish a parenting book

10 Insanely Hilarious Texts that Prove Moms Can be Supervillains

know how to publish a parenting book

Moms are amazing! They are like superheroes who save the day when everything seems wrong, but they can be the meanest supervillains at the same time.

Laugh aloud at these hilarious text exchanges—from funny, awkward, to simply brutal!

  1. Apply cold water to the burnt area.

cold water to the burnt area_supervillain moms

  1. We are so glad she didn’t know of ROTFL. It could have been worse!

she didn’t know of ROTFL_moms can be supervillains

  1. And he’s off to a treasure hunt!

Off_To_A_Treasure_Hunt_Insanely Hilarious Texts

4. Well, it used to be, dahling.

Insanely Hilarious Texts from Moms

  1. As they say, cleanliness is next to godliness.

Supervillain Moms _Hilarious Text

  1. Umm, should I?

Moms can be supervillains _hilarious text

  1. Yeah mom, we’ve all been there. Autocorrect can sometimes be one darn nasty fella.

hilarious text from moms

  1. You need to start looking, or mom will!

hilarious text that proves moms can be supervillains

  1. Mom just brought out the big guns.

Insanely Hilarious Text that Proves Moms Can be Supervillains

  1. Mom: 0, Technology: 1

Text that Proves Moms Can be Supervillains

P.S Use these supervillain tips to create spook and excitement at home!

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