know how to publish a parenting book

Parental Involvement and Its Importance to Help Students Do Better

know how to publish a parenting book

How Teachers Can Aid Parents to Stimulate Student Learning and Achievement

Parental involvement is the active participation and constant support of parents in their children’s education. Parents who are actively involved have positive interaction with their kids, and understand them better—emotionally, psychologically, and socially.

Hence, good parenting is often associated with better parent-child relationship.

Parent Child Relationship

Yet the number of parents who remain disinterested with their child’s education remains high. What are the barriers? Reasons involving time, income, and nature of jobs are some of the more prominent ones.

What are some parental involvement ideas that teachers can apply?

  • Open-ended questionnaires. Offer questions that will generate feedback from the parents.

Interactive home work

  • Interactive homework. Encourage parents to help with their kids’ assignments by giving them a space to write their comments on. Ask them to talk about the homework’s degree of difficulty, or its applicability.
  • Classroom websites. Tell your parents to check on the classroom’s website. This is to inform them of important announcements, school events, and current lessons. Posting photos of their child’s activities in school will also interest them.
  • Parent of the month scheme. Highlight parents who have been very supportive of their child’s education. Dedicate a space in your classroom’s bulletin board and post about their achievements, and the skills and values they’ve imparted to their children.

parent teacher of the month

  • Parent-teacher of the month. Organize classroom demonstrations that will allow parents to share their special interests and knowledge. This will foster learning, and the parents will serve as the classroom’s role model.
  • Monthly class letters. Send them the school’s calendar of activities, weekly accomplishments, and worksheets.
    This will serve as constant communication and to update them on what’s happening in school. Don’t forget to clip a feedback form.


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