know how to publish a parenting book

Modern Superheroes: The Essence of Motherhood

know how to publish a parenting book

Motherhood is a subject that is both difficult and overwhelming to write about. The essence of being a mother is nearly endless, considering the multiple hats that she wears. The responsibilities of a mother include being a friend, disciplinarian, and teacher, are all rolled into one individual. How can someone perform the never-ending roles of a mother without expecting anything in return? Mothers are loving and selfless human beings. When everything else goes wrong, a mother will always be there, to the rescue.


Qualities of the True Essence of Being a Mother

We might have many complaints about our mothers. Some might say that their mom is overprotective, while another would say that hers is quick-tempered. Our mothers might make mistakes sometimes. Yet, we fail to realize what it means to be a mother. It means being imperfect while perfectly performing motherhood duties. Upon waking up, we have come to a habit to see what mom is cooking in the kitchen. She makes the tastiest pancakes, she knows if we are having a bad day, and she definitely is someone who takes note of our pet peeves. Motherhood expertise is not developed overnight. It is a skill brought about by painful and joyful experiences. It is a never-ending learning process, yet probably the most rewarding job anyone could have.





Some mothers swear to having glamourous pregnancies. A number were happy to announce the increased size of their chest, while others are just grateful for having a so-called “pregnancy glow.” However, not all mothers feel that they are on top of the world for the nine-month duration of pregnancy. Don’t take it wrong; pregnancy is absolutely good news, and having a baby is the most wonderful gift. However, that doesn’t mean it’s easy.  Mothers have to endure morning sickness for the first three months, and get wobbly knees and painful hips. After months of carrying the baby, there comes the painful child labor that all moms have to go through. If this doesn’t justify the unconditional love that mothers  have for their children, I don’t think anything would.


mom and baby


Unconditional Love

Pregnancy is just the first stage of the 180-degree turn of a woman’s life. The first three months after childbirth will probably be a haze due to sleepless nights. Then it gets a little bit better after that, as the baby gets a more steady sleeping routine . Children grow up and they get more susceptible to illnesses and germs, so they sometimes get sick. Moms will not get enough sleep at night, yet they still have to get up early to attend to their partner’s breakfast, and take care of other children.


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Instilling Values and Discipline

What does motherhood mean? Being a mother doesn’t stop at providing the basic needs of a child. It is part of a mother’s lifelong goal to instill the right values and morals that she wants her child to have.  She will have to put her feet on the ground and may have to act as the head of the family when dad is not around. Contrary to popular belief, moms are no softies. They are armed with strong beliefs on  how one should raise a child. A mother is the little one’s guide on how to act properly in a social setting and how to treat other people with empathy and respect. Discipline is first taught at home, and it serves as an important skill that children will benefit from all throughout their lifetime.

Everything in between

As I have mentioned earlier, it is quite challenging to talk about the essence of being a woman without either going blank or go blabbering about mommy-related things. So, aside from nappy changing and messy household, everything-in-between refers to  all the perks that motherhood can give. The baby’s laughter, his first words, or his first day at the pre-school will all bring joy to every mother’s heart. The knowledge of having satisfied the every need of a child brings ultimate fulfillment. It is about having a constant and evolving goal and continuously keeping up with it.


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