know how to publish a parenting book

Strong Single Mom’s Guide to Happy Motherhood

know how to publish a parenting book

It is the 21st Century. We are in a fast-paced technologically-driven millennia. Yet, very little has changed into the kind of treatment that single parents face every day. Private schools look down on broken families. People tend to be more critical toward single parenting. Solo parents are constantly bombarded with unsolicited remarks like, “It must be so hard for you to leave the kids,” or “Why don’t you date someone to make life a bit easier.” These words are neither helpful nor sympathetic. It only highlights how ignorant we are about the struggles that single moms deal with.

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How to be the best single mom?

There are several explanations for single parenting. It may be because of separation, a spouse’s passing or death, adoption, or artificial insemination. Parents who are parenting solo may also simply have never been married. Whatever reason it may be, solo parents face a long list of challenges. From getting a job, spending quality time with the kids, to finding a new romantic interest, things do not get any easier for them. Single mothers, especially, share quite of a burden. Not only that they financially are solely accountable for their children’s needs, they also go through more depressing difficulties. The reality of raising a child alone affects employment status, health, time, and sometimes, psychosocial strains caused by humiliation and criticism of being a single mom.


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Sure, being an independent mom is not all about the rainbows and butterflies, but single parenthood has also proven to be beneficial in a family. Below are some pros of being a single parent:

  • Independence and not having to debate with another adult
  • Enjoying social support from female friends, family, and church
  • Spending more one-on-one time with kids and not having to divide your attention with another adult
  • Kids from single parent families tend to mature faster and are more responsible
  • Children of single moms show high initiative thinking and are great problem-solvers
  • Graduation days are more fulfilling for they serve as a reminder that they have supported their kid alone

How to live as a single mom?

You cannot please everybody, so don’t let the guilt-tripping get to you. Love your kids and your work. There is no way that you can stay home as you have to provide for both you and your kids. There will be times when you have to be away for a few days because of work obligations. So it is important to create a game plan on how to keep good communication with your kids. Schedule family meetings and ask them how they are doing. Call them during your free time or pick them up for lunch so you guys can eat together.

And as for your personal life, do not make the mistake of waiting for too long before dating somebody. It is easier if you haven’t been single for too long and is not yet set in your own ways. Lastly, take care of yourself. Eat healthy, exercise regularly, and take vitamins. You need to have a strong body and mind to juggle parenthood, work, and social life. The life of a single mom is both challenging and interesting. You need to find the right balance and attitude to keep up with it.

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