Appreciate, Celebrate, and Pay Homage to Motherhood—Quotes for Mothers

For one person, motherhood could simply mean the act of carrying a child inside the womb. To another, it could mean to nurture, love, and raise a child until adulthood.




Motherhood may mean different things to each one of us due to our individual and unique experiences. But from different points of view, motherhood is a kaleidoscope of sentiments felt simultaneously—delight, pride, worry, fear, and joy. Motherhood means waking up at two in the morning, staying up late at night, and getting up early the next morning. Motherhood means always setting aside the biggest piece of cake, while still being completely fine with that.

So in behalf of mothers from all sides of the world, we have compiled some of the most genuine expressions about motherhood and everything that comes with it. These quotes will help you appreciate, celebrate and pay homage to motherhood in each of its unique form.

homage motherhood quotes


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