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Dealing with Terrible Twos Tantrums

know how to publish a parenting book

Every parent has had to deal with terrible twos at some point of their life. Perhaps we can say that two-year-old tantrum behavior problems are only natural as a child grows. There is no better way than to say that it can be difficult to handle children of two years old, and it does require some adjustment. Dealing with tantrums requires perseverance.

However, is there really a correlation between the age of children and kids throwing tantrums? When do toddler tantrums start? Everyone’s been telling us that at two years old, kids tend to be more volatile and problematic, giving their parents a difficult time dealing with them.


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What causes the terrible twos? The following are the reasons behind child tantrums:

  1. Frustration

If you had limited vocabulary and physical skills when compared to adults, wouldn’t you feel a sense of frustration as well? Whining toddlers vent out their frustration by throwing tantrums as they have limited language skills and inability to practice safety when doing physical activity. Such frustrations greatly affect toddler behavior.

  1. Limits

Parents will always feel protective of their children, that’s why, they set limits. For two-year-olds, this can be infuriating, especially when they want to explore their surroundings and the environment. By limiting their activity, they will also express themselves through volatile behavior. Dealing with toddler tantrums may be harder this way.

  1. Discomfort

Hunger, boredom, and fatigue play a role in a toddler’s temper tantrums. If a parent hasn’t satisfied the needs of a two-year-old, then they will also throw tantrums to express their discomfort. Toddlers’ behavior problem can start with this reason alone.


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Can temper tantrums and signs of terrible twos affect the growth of a two-year-old? The lack of empathy from a toddler throwing tantrums frequently may be carried out into their adult lives. Terrible twos temper tantrums can be a sign of anti-social behavior and personality problems for them. They may develop to be callous and insensitive as they grow older.

Yet with the right nurturing in their youth, parents can prevent the negative effects that plague their toddlers at an early age. Here are some toddler parenting tips:

  • First, in disciplining toddlers, parents should throw out harsh methods and instead, opt for positive reinforcement.
  • As to how to stop a tantrum, they should avoid scolding two-year-olds and speak to their children softly. Calming toddler tantrums works best when parents speak softly.
  • They should allow their toddlers to speak out and teach their young ones the appropriate language skills instead of allowing toddler screaming tantrums.

Lastly, parents should be more patient. That way, they can both grow along with their kids and learn how to be more resilient in the future after learning how to control a toddler tantrum. When are the terrible twos over? It’s when toddlers learn to express themselves better.

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