know how to publish a parenting book

Father’s Day Activities that Are 100% Daddy-Centric

know how to publish a parenting book

This Father’s Day, take the time to show dear dad how much you love him. You do not need expensive gifts to show how much you care. Together with their kids, moms can plan brilliant Father’s Day activities that dads will definitely enjoy.
Father's Day Activities


family outing - Father's Day

Take him and the kids to an exciting Father’s Day outing.

What makes daddy excited? Is it a fun tour around museums while beaming at art exhibits? A nice day under the sun in an open beach? Or an outdoor adventure, like camping, hiking, and fishing? Look for places where he can enjoy all his favorite things.



Surprise him with tickets to his favorite game.

Be it football, basketball, or golf, dad will surely love receiving this special gift from you, especially if you and the kids are with him. There’s an ongoing 30th anniversary golf membership (offer ends on June 21, 2017) in Teton Pines Country Club and Resort—perfect for the golfer dad.


Dare dad to play go-kart with the whole family.go-cart-tracks

Father’s Day can be filled with high energy and animated war cries.

Go-kart is one fun-filled game that both dads and kids will enjoy. The adrenaline rush this game produces will give him a burst of happiness and will create new cherished memories for the whole family. Choose your go-kart destination among these 10 awesome go-kart tracks.

Give your dad the perfect book this Father’s Day. Choose from this list.


music concert

Bring dad to a special concert of his favorite musician.

Have you had an entire event dedicated to you? For all the wives, this is what your hubby will feel when you get these concert tickets for him. You can look up these concert tours and choose which artist that your hubby will enjoy the most.


Father's Day Activities - Chow Time

Let your kids cook dinner to surprise daddy after a long day’s work.

Letting the kids do the cooking to surprise their dad can be one of the most touching Father’s Day activities they can share with their father. You can even help a little by instructing them on how to whip up this dish.

Alla M. Jacobs and Earle W. Jacobs’ Chow Time! is a simple cookbook that your kids can easily follow. Whatever meal they decide on, their father will definitely appreciate the gesture and forget all the stress of the day.

Have your kids read an endearing Father’s Day picture book to their dad.

Sweet and comforting, this Father’s Day activity can cap the special day dedicated to their one and only dad.

child reading with dad

One of these Father’s Day book recommendations will make your dad’s day. Check out the list here.


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