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Breastfeeding Tips for New Moms

know how to publish a parenting book

Effortless Breastfeeding: It’s Possible!

Easy and comfortable—at least this is how we’d want breastfeeding to be.

But breastfeeding is challenging.

Breastfeeding Tips

Most new mothers want and choose to breastfeed, but because the struggle is real, a good portion give up and resort to formula feeding instead. By six months, only 49 percent of moms continue to breastfeed, and by twelve, only one third are left breastfeeding.

According to Barb Glare of the International Board Certified Lactation Consultant, majority of expectant mothers subscribe to “I will if I can” philosophy, and that’s how things can go wrong. “They don’t use the information around them, such as breastfeeding books, breastfeeding education classes, and lactation consultant,” she added.

Breastfeeding is not for the faint of heart—but to do it effortlessly is possible.

challenges of breastfeeding

Make it through the challenges of breastfeeding, especially in the first year, with these common tips:

Breastfeed right after delivery.

Nurse your newborn an hour after birth. Don’t panic if you don’t seem to produce as much milk as you were expecting. Your newborn will only have a stomach as big as marble at this time.

Apply the proper way of latching.

Hold your baby skin to skin and tummy to tummy. Bring your thumb to the top of your breast while tucking the rest of your fingers under your nipple. Gently touch your baby’s lips with your nipple, to make him open his mouth. Upon suction, you will hear low-pitch gulping noises. When this stops, offer the other breast.


Deal with common latching problems.

Eventually, you’ll experience common latching problems, like feeling sore on your nipples. It’s normal. Always check your baby’s position when latching, wear loose clothing, and invest on nipple shields.

Eat healthy food and keep yourself hydrated.

This is not the time to rush into getting back your prepregnancy body. Focus on replenishing the nutrients your body loses every time you breastfeed. Incorporate protein and vegetables in your diet, and drink plenty of water.

Read about breastfeeding from time to time.

It’s always good to keep yourself informed and updated. Make use of the many resources like books, to know more on how to take care of your newborn.

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