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Transform Your Motherhood Stories into a Handy Parenting Book

Motherhood is a universe all on its own, with worlds connected by a series of life-fulfilling experiences—nurturing a baby to be a healthy child and rearing that child to be a decent human being.

Such is the vital role of mothers.

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This universe contains lives and narratives that constitute a web of stories—tales that are sometimes too precious to be passed on orally. If you feel your motherhood experience deserves to be told in a unique and memorable way, the suggestions below can help immortalize your story.


motherhood stories - writing a blog

Write a blog.
A blog can be one of the most cathartic activities for a mother. What’s good with writing a blog is you can instantly share your posts to your network of moms online—be it on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or whatever social media network you are familiar with.



write a children's book

Write a children’s book.
Who can be more capable to write a children’s book than a mother? It’s also a tool for mothers and their children to spend some endearing, quality time together.

Sample themes for a children’s book:

  • Mother-child connection
  • Friendship
  • Core values, like kindness, honesty, and obedience


Write a parenting book.

Publishing your own book is like leaving a legacy for the next generation. A parenting book can be your own legacy to other parents who are still stumbling their way to parenthood. You will find that there are a lot of accommodating publishing companies for parenting books like LitFire Publishing.

write a parenting book

Sample themes for a parenting book:


Write with LitFire Publishing

One thing you must know about LitFire Publishing is it’s serious in delivering an excellent publishing experience for its authors. Whether you want to publish your story in the form of a children’s book, a parenting book, or something in between, LitFire Publishing will guide you every step of the way. You will find more information about LitFire by visiting their website.

Are you ready to turn your motherhood stories into a parenting book? Click here.

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