Transform Your Motherhood Stories into a Handy Parenting Book

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Tell Your Struggles and Inspire Many with the Joy of Motherhood

Motherhood is a steep learning curve, made up of many trial and errors. One minute you are coping with morning sickness and the next thing you know, you’re swaddling, changing nappies, feeding, and learning the art of latching.

But motherhood is such a happy journey meant to be shared to the world.



There is nothing more satisfying than being able to help other mothers with real parenting tips.

With today’s advancement in technology, mothers now have access to numerous parenting forums. Some create blogs where they could post their own stories about motherhood. And a few others publish inspirational stories about parenting in general.

Share your story! Here are some things you can do:

  • Write Poetry

Celebrate and capture the special moments of motherhood through a poem. You don’t have to be a literary genius to write an exceptional poetry. Simply choose a place, idea, person, or object, and relate these with motherhood experiences. Write every day, compile your poems, and turn them into a book.

  • Start a Blog

Starting a blog and writing about your day-to-day parenting activities seems like a pretty exciting plan. Building your own mom blog and plan now.

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Here are some topics:

  • Raising kids with special needs
  • Crazy, hectic days of a mother
  • Words of wisdom and quotable quotes
  • Parenting tips in general


  • Accept Speaking Engagements

Think about what you do during your free time. Are you passionate about history? Does art appeal to you? Do you take special interest about personality development? This is an opportunity for you to know more about yourself. Dig deeper and become an expert on a topic.


  • Write a Book

Each one of us is a closet writer just waiting to come out. Spend thirty minutes to an hour of writing every day. A lot of moms publish books narrating their own stories about motherhood and sharing parental development guide. You can do this too!

Writing can be an exhausting thing, especially that parenting your kid alone will take much of your time and effort. Even seasoned authors sometimes get lost along the way. Here’s a little nudge to keep you on track.

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When you’ve finally decided to turn your stories into a fruitful book, know that you will take on a new journey. Many bloggers and freelance writers have turned to publishing—self-publishing specifically—to achieve the demands of printing and promoting a book.

Are you ready to turn your motherhood stories into a parenting book?

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